Custom Creations





Color and pattern guides our moods and invokes instinctive and subliminal responses.  I meticulously design and craft custom artglass that can invoke peaceful serene sanctuaries to spirited energizing spaces. In both large and small projects, I synthesize the essence of my clients desires and produce works of art that fully captures the inspiration.

“Custom order with artist. I am on East Coast, artist on West Coast. Worked perfectly. It is so beautiful that when I saw it I had tears in my eyes. Highly recommend. Communication was timely and precise, easy for this non artist to understand.”

Stephanie Combs

“Lyn designed and created a beautiful clock as a retirement gift that captures my true passion, fly fishing. The glass is a fantastic combination of techniques and colors to represent the water, sky, and a fly line with a fly. I love this art!”

Kevin Green

“I absolutely love my glass weave. I love how it appears to float off the wall. Lynleigh helped me pick out each of the colors and did a fantastic job making my ocean inspiration a reality. When the evening light catches it through the window it really comes to life.”

Richard Laurie