I am fascinated and inspired by the pure beauty of colored glass and how changing light makes the glass appear to dance. I strive to bring joy and happiness to people thru my use of light and color. My color choices are based on my memories of special times, places and feelings.



I grew up in Orange County, California back when there was orchards, strawberry fields, and room to roam.  My mother named me Lynleigh after a meadow lake in the Sierra Mountains.  Just as she was creative in my name, she exposed me to various art media growing up from watercolors and acrylics to dance and theater. 

My deep connection with glass began in college when I was required to take an art class to get my Geology degree.  I enjoyed creating art that glowed with light and continued with my new stained-glass hobby for a couple years until I took another glass class. That’s where I fell deeply in love with kiln-formed glass. It was like stained glass but without any constraints. Fusing glass then became my every evening, every weekend, and every holiday passion!

Twenty-five years later, my love affair with glass has morphed into my full-time profession. I can say with pride, I’m loving my gray hair and living my dream!  


Glass fusing takes pieces of glass and melts them together under strict constraints of heating and holding at different temperatures to get the glass to behave differently.  To me glass fusing is the perfect marriage of art and science!  A challenge and a joy!

I am primarily self-taught but take classes from experts who specialize in different techniques and read books to broaden my skills.  I then  develop and combine those techniques into my own.  The more challenging the technique and process, the more I like it.  I love having a concept of what I want to create, to merge my techniques together, and to work at it until I figure out how to make my vision real.  I find it very satisfying and rewarding.

I have won several awards including first place in the nationwide Glass Craft Expo and third place at the Beverly Hills Art Show. My unusual glass sculptures are shown in several southern California galleries and I am the glass instructor for the nonprofit Orange County Fine Arts association.

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